Best SEO tricks to rank your website in 2017

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Search Engine Optimization techniques are changing rapidly and every day there is something new that we can learn and adopt in order to rank our website in 2017. It all depends on trends that are changing on daily basis, however, there are tips that you should be aware of if you want to develop a new website that will be ranked later. We present you the best SEO trick to rank your website in 2017:

Mobile Optimization became an indispensable part of SEO

If you want to learn tricks for SEO, the one thing you cannot forget and that is that people all around your browse the web from their smartphones. So, in order, to reach more audience you have to optimize your website and to make it mobile friendly. It is not like a few years ago when you had a choice whether you want to optimize it or not, today, if you want to reach more people, you have to follow the rules of the market, and the first one is to make it mobile friendly.

Social Content is important if you want to gain prominence

The content that is tightly connected to social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook became more important than before because more than 70% of marketers and potential customers use Social Media Networks. The focus became better for posts and tweets and their ranking is connected to SERPs. Today, we have a tight line between SEO and Social Media Marketing, and these two techniques are connected all the way. The idea is to collect all valuable social content in order to optimize your web page and to give it maximum visibility. That means that you should focus on social media profiles and brand name that will be the same as the one on social media. The idea is to push your social media strategy along with your web page in order to create better traffic and better rankings.

Voice Search Function

Voice search became one of the most used and best SEO tricks to rank your website in 2017, because it is safer and convenient especially if you do something like driving. Today, it became the main part of every smartphone and that is the reason why you should enable this function on your website. The idea is to launch voice-responsive assistance where someone will be able to connect on your website by stating the keyword that you chose before.

Videos are still important

Videos will always be the right thing to upload because statistically speaking audience will be more entertained and engaged if you have it on your website. If you are uploading videos frequently, you will be able to improve the rating of your page and it is amazing to say that more than 60% of Google searches are connected to videos. It is always better to choose the organic way to engage people, and this particular one is the most efficient if you have in mind audience and their own wishes.


As we said at the beginning the times are changing rapidly, and every month we can state new SEO tricks to rank your website in 2017. We have presented you few most important ones, and if you want to generate revenue and get bigger rankings, these tricks are not a possibility but a must.

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