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bangalore makeup artists marketing

I hope what digital marketing is was clear from my last article. If you have missed my last post, I insist you to read it here. Here, we would be discussing on how it can help make up articles and salons get more business.

Let’s start with Bridal makeup artists.

How can Bridal makeup artists using Digital marketing generate more leads?

After interviewing some of the best bridal makeup freelance artists, I came to know that they charge 150000 to 250000 from every client they get.
Out of which, 50 percent is expense, which includes fee paid to fellow beauticians and the cost of make up materials.

bangalore makeup artists marketing

So it was evident that for every customer they generate, they earn somewhere around 10,000 INR. If they can get 10-12 clients in a month, they would easily be making  more than 1.2 lakh in a month.

Now this may not be so easy as it looks here.

Even if they end up getting 6 clients every month, they would still end up making 60,000 INR per month only from bridal makeups.

Using digital marketing, make up artists can get 20-30
leads easily, every month.Even if 5-6 converts,
this should be a good deal.

Now, apart from bridal make up, there are other services as well. Even if you end up getting 5 clients every month for every service you provide, you will be making good amount of money. Isn’t? Easy calculations.

Till this stage you will be in customer acquisition mode. It means, you will be getting new customers. It is on you and your services which may convert them into your regular customers.

Using digital marketing, you just need them to come to your make up studio once. You will not need to spend a single penny on them to get regular business from them.

And I would hate to admit, that there are more than 3,00,000 weddings that takes place in a year in Bangalore. Even if you end up getting 1 percent of them, you would still have 3000 customers in a year. Going by the calculations, you would end up making 3000*10000=3 Crore.

This amount is HUGE. Wedding is a big industry. And everyone need to look beautiful. Hence, in today’s world you will need to present yourself in a better way than your competitors.

What can you do to get more wedding clients for your make up business?

1. Set up a website

All it takes is few hours to set up a quick random website and it would cost you hardly anything. If you would like to give a slightly professional task, you may need to hire a professional web developer. Designing a good wedding website would cost you on an average 20,000 -25,000 INR.
Yes, it is that cheap. Profit from just 2 clients. Do not go with cheap web designers. Your website would be your portfolio that will give you more business.

If your website is properly designed, you may end up getting 5 extra clients every month. So do not lose them by going with a cheap web designer just to save some bucks, which in long term, would not even matter.

2. Set up social accounts

You must be having a Facebook page as well as an Instagram page. If not, sign up today. After every wedding you attend, post images on every possible social media platforms, mainly Instagram and Facebook. It would be great if you can als post those images on your website.
It will keep your website updated and eventually, you will get more traffic, and more business.

3. Advertisement on Google and Facebook

After you have set up your accounts, it is time to run some ads and target local people. Mind it, the you must research well, and only target your potential customers.
For every click, Facebook would be charging from your account, make sure you are targeting things correctly. You can also try Instagram advertisements, as it has proved to be a great source of traffic in the last one year.

Same goes with Google Ads. If correctly set up, it can get you multiple leads everyday at a minimum cost. However, you need to optimise your campaign in such a way that it would cost you less and get you more business.

It is always better to consult multiple local digital marketing experts for your make up business and hire someone who knows what are they doing.

Having said that, I have a office in Koramangala, Bangalore. Incase you are from Bangalore too, and needs some assistance in digital marketing field, feel free to reach me @ You can even call me on 7032414385. So, are you ready to work with one of the best digital marketing experts for make up artists in Bangalore? Ping! Let us take your brdial makeup company to the next level/

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