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Digital Marketing – What is it and why should you care?

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Digital marketing is getting your product marketed through digital means. When I say digital, I mean through Google, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and any other digital medium.

You make yourself a brand online. You connect with millions of people worldwide or local, show them your product, and make sales.

Who should care?

Anyone who has some product or services to sell, be it a local business or national, or even international. Using digital platform, you can sit at your home and market your product to any country, target anyone.

So, to answer your question, any local businessman a doctor, makeup artist, any school, an eCommerce website owner, anyone can today make use of online platforms and getting business from day 1.

Why should I care?

Ask yourself a question. Where do you think your target audience spends most of their time in? Do they have a smartphone? What do they do with it?

If you ask yourself these questions, you will realise that most of the people spend their time with their smartphone.

They are online most of the time and are present either on Facebook, Google or Youtube.

Whenever they need to know something, what do they do? Who do they ask? If your answer is Google, YOU should start caring.

digital marketing company

Isn’t Digital Marketing Costly?

Damn! No.

Ever thought about running an ad campaign on Television? I am sure most of you would answer with a NO. Why? Because, doing a TV advertisement require a lot of budget. And, we all know it.

How about a newspaper ad? If you have ever enquired about placing an ad on newspaper, you would know this too. To buy a small space in any top newspaper from a Tier 1 city, your budget should be in Lakhs.

Next what? Hoarding ads! They are not cheap too. For hoarding ads in highways, companies pay 3-5 lakh every month.

So if you are concerned about the pricing, stop doing ads on these platform.

Digital platform is not at all costly. You can even start with as low as 100 INR. To be very frank, there is no such minimum budget. So for small businesses, digital marketing is the way to go.

And it is damn cheap.

Can we start getting revenue from Day 1?

Hell yes! But..

Everything requires proper planning, including digital marketing for your business.

You need to plan it well. A digital marketing expert can help you design a digital marketing plan for your business. Depending upon what your expectations are, what markets are you targeting, your vision,

a good digital marketing expert will be able to design you a plan according to your budget.

If you are looking for short term gain, the plan would be slightly different that if it is for long term.

Things you need to note before hiring a good digital marketing expert for your company

A good digital marketing expert or rather any marketing expert would first try to know more about your business and learn how your business works. He will then ask you about the revenue you generate, current sales, your growth rate so far, problems you are facing and your plans in short term and for long terms.

Based on your answers, a good digital marketing specialist would come out with different plans that would take care of short term as well as long term goals.

Do not expect Fast results + Cheap Price.

Do not choose a digital marketing expert based on the price he quotes. He can be cheap, compared to other digital marketing freelancers or companies, but that does not mean it will be profitable for your business.

Sign a 3 months contract, see how he works, and then decide whether you would like to sign him up for long term or not. Having said that, a high charging digital marketing expert need not be the best one. What you need to see here is who would be working on your project. Is it any random person, or one dedicated person who you can connect with anytime you want and ask him about the progress so far and the future strategies.

Have a meeting every 7 or 15 days, and discuss. If the guy fails to do that, it is time to find a better digital marketing expert.

At, we do our work and do not outsource it to anyone. We take care of your project personally. Call us anytime and you will find us assist you.

That makes us one of the best digital marketing companies from Bangalore. So if you are a Bangalore based company and need some local digital marketing assistance, dial +91-7032414385


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