Document Sharing Sites to Build Backlinks From: Link Building Basics – Part 1

I will show you how you can build backlinks from high domain authority document sharing sites. All you will need is a 800-900 Word content along with images. Cover 8-9 slides/pages. Add backlinks to your site and other related sites (which are not your competitors).

You can first write the article in .doc format.

Later, go to a Word to PDF converter site and then upload the same document. You will then get the converted file in PDF format. All you need to do is to sign up in the below mentioned document sharing sites and submit the PDF.

Choose correct categoty and tags which submitting.

Do not ignore the description part. Try to relate it as much as possible.

Why should you build links from document sharing sites?

  1. They are high DA authority websites with huge number of backlinks.
  2. Most of them are very old and powerful.

Can backlinks from document sharing sites alone rank you site?

No backlinks from document sharing sites alone can’t rank you site. You need to build links from other sources as well. These backlinks will create diversity and number of referring domains will increase, which is a good thing.

List of Document Sharing Sites for Link Building

Given below is the list of document sharing sites that can be used for link building. Go ahead and build links from these sites yourself, do it manually. No hurry.

If you feel you do not have much time to sign up and upload the document, do not worry. We have got you covered.

We can do these for you at just 20 USD.

To place an order, write a mail to

Related info:

After creating the accounts, do not forget to get them indexed. You can use premium indexing services or ping them using free indexers.

There is also another way to get them indexed via Google Submit URL. I will share the trick of getting all the pages indexed by one single submission in the coming guides.

Next week we will be sharing list of web 2.0 sites where you can build backlinks from.

Till then, stay tuned and happy digital marketing.

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