Should you be buying links to rank your website?

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Even though, there are discussion that involves the idea of buying links and its efficiency in SEO, because most experts state that paid links could cause you more damage than goods, however, if you use it wisely and with measure, you will be able to use paid links in order to rank your website better.

For years many people and SEO experts used paid links, however, in some cases they didn’t get any better optimization with it. The reason for that is that most people pay links from bad websites on the web, that assure your efficiency while you purchasing its services, however, don’t try to trick Google, because it knows everything.

Buying links is two-way ticket

If you want to hear the answer that we asked in the title of our article, the answer is yes, if you decide to buy links in order to get more search engine points, that could help you, however, you have to use it wisely, which means that you have to really think which link you want to add and where.

Even though, paying the links is a kind of artificial way of boosting your search engine results that are opposed to Webmaster Guidelines. You can add your own backlinks in order to connect with more established websites and to show the reflection of the content of your site, however, their algorithms are very sophisticated so if they reach you and find out that you are using paid links in order to boost your ratings, you could be punished for that and therefore your entire website.

To buy or not to buy backlinks is the question

Many Google experts stated that theoretically speaking bad links could harm your content, however, you can use them wisely and you don’t have to worry at all. What are we trying to say is that it is better for you if you want to rank your website, is to stop buying backlinks from farms that are not connected to the industry that you are promoting and working. If you are able to connect these dots and to find links that will explain better your own profession and website content, then they could be useful, but without exaggerating.

Before you choose to buy links to rank your website, you should search for clever sites that will provide you with your own niche links so that you can enter the loophole of search engine algorithms and then you will be able to boost your ratings. However, the wrong decision could give you no benefit at all, or in the worst case scenario you will lose money, and your ranking will go down and your efforts will be useless.


It is all about measure because you want to make your links efficient; however, the same thing goes for keywords, if you overdo it in a matter of days it will backfire and that will provide you penalties or possible search engine rejection. So if you are thinking of buying links to rank your website, it is always better to choose wisely or don’t choose at all. There are numerous techniques that will help you boost your rankings without artificial links, however, if you are still keen to use them, don’t exaggerate, because it will only make things worse.

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